Casino Rama Show Review (June, 18, 2005)

by cyndilauper

Tracks list
Shine, Change Of Heart, Stay, All Through The Night, She Bop (Rock Version), Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, I Drove All Night, Sisters Of Avalon, Above The Clouds
True Colors, Money Changes Everything, La Vie En Rose, Fearless / Time After Time, Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

Comments by Chris Lowery
This concert was amazing. It was my first Cyndi concert, but it is one I will never forget. I will definately be going to as many more concerts as I can!!!!

Comments by Dan Andrews
Last night’s show at Rama was amazing. It was the 4th time I’ve seen Cyndi in 2 years and she just keeps getting better and better. From the show opener, Shine…through the rock version of She Bop…the new song Above the Clouds and the tremendous closers Time after Time and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Cyndi proved why she has such logevity in the business…cuz she kicks @ss! She stopped True Colors after the first chorus to tell and cute little story about being at the Grammy’s then couldn’t remember where she left off…so she started at the beginning…awesome!!! Her banter throughout the show was really appreciated, I love to hear her tell stories about her youth and just hear that cute voice speak…but even better when she sings!!! Standout songs last night: Shine, Change of Heart, She Bop, Sister’s of Avalon, Money Changes Everything and the encores (Fearless/Time after Time & Girls ….). Can’t wait for her new cd and next tour!!!!!!!

Comments by Bonnie
My sister-in-law and I have seen Cyndi four times in the last two years. We saw her last night at Rama and she still rocks! Her vocals are amazing; her sense of humour during the show is hysterical; and she still sings her greatest hits.
I’ve been a huge fan of Cyndi since the ’80’s – right down to my partially shaved and rainbow coloured head and outrageous clothes! I’ve calmed down quite a bit but am still a huge fan.

Comments by Robert Saunders
Saw Cyndi last night at Casino Rama north of Toronto and it was truly an amazing show! Shorter than usual, but the place was packed and the audience was great. She sang one new song that will be released on her new album in November, “Above the Clouds” which was very good. A bit slow, mellow but unforgettable.

She did amazing renditions of “All Through the Night”, “True Colours” (stopping in the middle to tell a story, then going back and doing it from the beginning), “Sisters of Avalon.” She did a rock version of “She-bop” which was pretty good.

“Stay” was incredible – she told the story of being inspired to do it from visiting her aunt’s and standing in the middle between the grownups’ Latin records and the original version played by the kids.

A lot of people requested “Goonies” but she said they’d never rehearsed it. 🙁 And she didn’t do “Sally’s Pigeons” but had the night before, so I was a little disappointed.

All in all a great show, and she looked fantastic!

Comments by Tasha
3rd time seeing Cyndi in Orillia… I had the Shine T.shirt on… 🙂
Cyndi you were fantastic as ever….. Sounded wonderful I loved the Hey Now version instead of the regular version of GJWHF at the end that was neat.
I don’t think I have ever seen her when she hasnt’ come back on for an oncore so was kind a sad that she just kinda wrapped it up real quick..
I thought her voice really sounded excellent tonight and the band was fab as ever..
My only complaint was the security red shirted variety I don’t believe they belonged to the Casino but I think the guy that was stood at the front left looking at the stage thought it was his show he kept coming up and standing at my side and then going back to the stage like several times and shouting at a kid that just rested his arm on the stage really rudely.. I have never experienced that kinda thing at a Cyndi show before maybe something happened that has led to that kind of atmosphere around her… but it’s too bad, it was kinda distracting.

Comments by Stephanie McNabb
The show at Casino Rama was AWESOME! Cyndi put on such a great show, i loved how she would interact with the audience, and told storys it made you feel like you really knew her. She is such a sweetheart and a down to earh person and a JOY to watch!

Comments by Mort Potter
After driving 7 hours (dragging along a friend who wasn’t really fond of Cyndi Lauper, or anything “pop”) I began to worry that driving over 700 miles (there & back) over two days and spending $90 on a motel room might have been a bit over the top. It was well worth it. My friend greatly enjoyed it, wanting more–“it can’t be over already.”

Her voice, energy and stories were far beyond what I’d expected. She really needs to write a book–an amazing story teller. She still looks and bounces around like she did 20 years ago.

My only complaint was with the audience. That group of duds didn’t keep going after Ms Lauper left the stage to get an encore or two. They just stood up to go. While most of us were far from our teens, the audience didn’t display the level of enthusiasm I’d expect or that she earned.

I hope that she returns to the Great Lakes region soon. When she does, I’ll be there.

Comments by Laura. Bell
Well what can I say, another fabulous and ever memorable weekend at Casino Rama. This year my sister Sandi and I brought our husbands to see Cyndi. You can’t truly appreciate her unless you have the priveledge of seeing her live!! We were able to get a room this year, no more sleeping in the van for us.ha,ha We attended both Friday and Saturday shows and Cyndi was in fine form… Singing her heart out as usual. I loved both shows. We were front row dead center Friday and fourth row dead center Saturday. Cyndi talked alot more on Saturday night and once again shared a few of her stories, like only Cyndi does, keep them coming. One right in the middle of her True Colors song. I guess the thought entered her mind so she stopped the song and started sharing her moment where she was waving her arms with a lighter in hand to Leonard Skynard at the Grammys..Too funny!! We were able to get a hand shake on Saturday seeing that we were one of the ones that Yes, did run up to the front of the stage. Sitting at a Cyndi concert really makes no sense at all? I especially loved Cyndi’s new song Above The Clouds, Can’t wait for the new album to come out in October. It was also great seeing the band members again, (Steve and Bill, thanks for the photo in the lounge.) The tech guys,( Hi Kevin) and Stylist, Nikki. Cyndi thanks for signing my ticket while you were trying to chat with your friends, I really appreciated it. Lastly our weekend wouldn’t be complete without meeting up with the many Cyndi fans that come back every year, like ourselves. Jen and Anthony from New Jersey and friends great seeing you. Jen maybe you, Sandi and I will have better luck next time on our Cyndi quest!! ha,ha I guess asking for the photo was pushing it. All in all, Cyndi continues to delight her fans with her impecable style, Love the new hair, amazing vocals and warm presence..Never can get enough!! Come back soon Cyndi.

Comments by Inti Ali

I finally got to see Cyndi in concert and my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it along with the two friends we brought. We loved your stage presence and your voice was amazing. How do you do it? Thanks Cyndi and Happy Birthday!!(co-incidently your birthday falls on our wedding anniversary)

Comments by John
Last night was the first time I had seen Cyndi perform and was really pleasantly surprised. Great energy, great song selection, wonderful rapport with the audience and her band and the whole night will now be a wonderful memory for years to come. Thanks Cyndi for a great show and LOVED the stripped down version of She Bop!!! Hopefully you’ll come back to Orillia real soon.

Comments by Bernie
this show was awesome!! I’ts was a dream come true for me and my wife since we’re both big fans to watch our idol Cindy Lauper perform live before our eyes. zhope to see and watch more of her concert tours in Canada. Go.. Cindy.. and more power to you!!

Comments by DH
This trip marks my third trip to Orillia, ON to see Cyndi at Casino Rama. Let me tell you kids, it was such a cool experience. She did a new version of Shine, which I really like. For those who haven’t heard it yet, it has an intro to it, and Steve plays some cool cords on the keyboards that is different from the original. The shows were good, but what made it special for me was the people with whom I saw the concert with. She also had a newer version of She Bop, which sounds a lot like Home on Christmas day in the beginning, with the cords played on the guitar. I also heard Above the Clouds, which was a nice ballad. What made this trip even better though, is the people who I met and traveled with. It was my first time meeting Julia and Stefan, as well as a cool couple from London, Canada (not England like I first thought). You guys rock! And, of course Colin, who is such as cool genuine guy. Infuriately, we call came down with a terrible case of T.B. (not tuberculosis) that dampened both nights, however, with a lot of alcohol, positive thinking, and humor we all seemed to weather through the “sagging” situation.

Comments by Rangel Mendes
Cyndi Lauper is just amazing. I was lucky enough to get right up at the stage in front of Cyndi. One of the greatest moment was one she went down on her knees right in front of me singing “All through the Night” while holding my hand. The whole show was great. I’ve been at Casino Rama 6 times in three years to see Cyndi in concert., and definetely I can tell this one was the best. Finally I met my virtual friend from brazil Julia Bertasoli, we had so much fun which started in find our way from Toronto to Orilia, ON. We got lost 3 times.. It was hilarious!!!! Ste, Julia’s husband was such a good heart, for sure they made this time at Casino Rama the best ever. The unbelivable thing was when Cyndi at 12:30 am, after the show went to Casino Rama’s Restaurant and Lounge to have a drink with her band and sat beside me.. we could watch Cyndi having fun with her friends and enjoying her food.!!!

Comments by Grant Bonsant
The concert was absolutely amazing!!!…..Cyndi’s voice was stellar and the sound at RAMA is incredible. People were in awe of her show and her voice! Her little stories that she told during the night were both funny AND interesting!! Great backup band as well. My first time seeing Cyndi live, and I was totally in awe of her voice….you could hear a pin drop when she was singing her ballads, people were so enthralled by her whole show. The crowd broke into a huge round of applause when she hit one particular note that only dogs would have been able to hear if she had gone a semitone higher with it. She’s like a very fine wine…..she only gets BETTER with age.

Comments by Michelle
This show was great! Way better than the one the night before! We decided to stay in our 10th row seats, as we were right up against the stage the night before and wanted to hear the sound a little better. The best part was meeting all the great cyn fans–Julia and Stephane, Donnie, Colin, the “Free Birds”. You guys really made it super great! And even though we didn’t get to speak to Cyndi in the bar, it was great to stare at her and talk about stalker fans! I hope to see everyone at the next show, and remember to keep in touch!

Comments by Orofino
Cyndi is not one of the most, but THE most genuine, talented artists ever. I attended both nights, and this night she was wearing black and white, while last night she had white pants (that kept on falling, which I thought was kind of cute) and a peacock colour shirt. She sang Above The Clouds (a request) a new song from her upcoming CD in October. Last night, she sang my request, Sally’s Pigeon’s. I can’t believe that she held my hand along with a Brazilian man during All through the Night. I kissed her ear and gold earrings, hugged her and kissed her hand. I have been to all of the Casino Rama shows, and I come from Ottawa. I have loved Cyndi and have been inspired by her for over 20 years. She is one of the few artists who truly love her fans, and her fans love her more. Thank you Cyndi for your voice, talent, and love for music. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Lot’s of Love, Orofino.

Comments by Sarah
I can’t believe that this was my first time ever seeing Cyndi live considering how long I’ve been a fan, but man, was it worth the wait! Cyndi was amazing! The sound was great, her voice was awesome, and I loved the new renditions on old favourites! I was in awe the whole time, especially with Cyndi’s energetic stage performance (she could give Gwen Stefani a run for her money!) I must agree with Mort though, that the crowd was much too docile during the concert. I was way in the back and wanted to get up and dance, but didn’t for fear of blocking the view of those sitting behind me. I was disappointed that it took the last song, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, to get everyone on their feet. I can’t wait to see her live again (fingers crossed it’s soooon!).

Comments by Sara
I have loved Cyndi since high school. I remember watching early Muchmusic and Friday Night Videos and seeing “Girls…” over and over again. As embarassing as it is to remember, her centrefold pullouts from teen magazines made their way to my bedroom walls. Her energy was totally infectious!

This is the first time I have ever seen Cyndi perform live and it was amazing! When she began Shine, I was blown away. Her voice is powerful, sexy and sweet . She is totally underrated by the current music business and should be given her proper dues. The show was sold out so fortunately the fans recognize her true strength.

This show was absolutely perfect. She was intelligent and colourful and performed like she was in a smokey club, taking requests from the crowd. Amazing!

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javier pino November 14, 2008 - 8:31 pm

Hola cindyyyyyyyyyyyy siempre 80tas hasta el final, te veremos en PERÚ

Roger December 16, 2010 - 8:53 pm

I remember this show–Cyndi Sang All Through the Night While holding my hand through most of the show!!! Priceless!


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