Lauper Has What She Wants

Now that the word is out on her pregnancy, fans relate to Cyndi Lauper on a different, more confiding level. “There are women who come up to me and they say things, some reassuring, some horrifying–it depends on how you look at it,” the singer says, bemused. “I’ve always wanted to do this,” she says,… Continue reading Lauper Has What She Wants

Interview with Foxy Brown

FOXY BROWN: Hi, Cyndi ! CYNDI LAUPER: HOW ya’ doin’, doll ? FB: Fine. I’ve been telling people, “I’m talking to Cyndi Lauper !” and they’re all like, “Yeah, right.” CL: Well, you’re doing the interview now, hon. FB: I wanted to ask you, being a female in the music industry, do you think the… Continue reading Interview with Foxy Brown