Cyndi Lauper in New Movie Vives

by cyndilauper

“Cyndi Lauper was a sickly-looking kid who just wanted to have fun. Unfortunately, it never seemed to work out that way. The worms she kept in a jar dried up and died and her fish tank boiled over, blanching her baby swordfish. Then she grew up, found that famous pot at the end of the rainbow, washed her hair in it and became rich and famous. Money changes everything.”


“It probably seemed a good idea at the time to make this 1988 comedy adventure but results are unfortunate. Cyndi Lauper and Jeff Goldblum are psychics hired by shiftly Peter Falk to find lost treasure in South America. They hate each other and the vibes aren’t right for treasure hunting or a successful movie, either. Julian Sands is wasted in a silly role. Watchable if you have nothing to do”.

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