Cyndi performed on the PFlag float.

by cyndilauper

Tracks list

Higher Plane
Disco Inferno
True Colors
Shine (Dance Version)

Comments by Cheryl White
It was a great day! Cyndi looked fabulous! I was able to walk up 5th ave to find Cyndi. She was on top of an old yellow firetruck with lots of “firemen” 🙂 Her mom and sister were on the truck too. The coolest thing was that in front of the firetruck 2 guys held a poster that had a huge double picture of Cyndi’s face and it says in small prnt “Shine” on her upper cheek and said “Cyndi Lauper” on top. Is this the album cover? If so, it is really a beautiful picture. She is sporting short brown hair with a few strands of colors and very nice make up. Anywasy I was able to hear Cyndi sing Disco Inferno, True Colors and Shine. They played a dance version of Shine, which Cyndi was lip synching to. I got some great pictures of Cyndi and her mom and sister. Cyndi’s mom was nice to say hi to me when they were stoppped at the light. All in all it was a great day full of wonderful people!!!!

Comments by Al Hollus
I arrived at the Parade at about 12:30 pm. I, myself, happened to be marching with a group which happened to be only several blocks ahead of PFLAG, where Cyndi was. So, before I actually had to “step off” at the beginning of the Parade, I ran up to where Cyn and the firetruck were at and luckily was able to get some (hopefully) good shots of our Diva, her mom and sister, Ellen. Her mom, looked absolutely fabulous decked out in combat gear! And Cyndi, with the showgirl/Vegas outfit — incredible!

I took some pictures of the album’s promotional sign with the words “Shine” written on it. While I was taking the pictures, Cyndi had some really good looking “firemen” surrounding her, as one wound up holding her down the parade route so she wouldn’t fall. The songs I heard her sing to the backing tracks, especially down by Christopher Street (the end of the Parade) was Jr’s. True Colors mix and Higher Plane. She had all the “girls” going nuts in the streets! Too amazing to see.

After the parade was over, I wound up walking in the heart of The (Greenwich) Village… and accidentally stumbled upon the firetruck that Cyn was on — and she still on it, too! Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera at that time as she was surrounded by volunteers of PFLAG, the dancers and family – thanking them as they thanked her for helping them out. She was a vision to see. By the way…her latest look is absolutely divine!

Comments by Brian
I will comment on this as if I were talking directly to Cyndi, Last summer I had the great opportunity to attend NY Pride. Prior to that I had the honor to hear you perform during Cher’s “Believe” tour. You were amazing!!! It was the stop in Cleveland after the show and you were in the DJ booth looking fierce as always at a bar appropriately called “The Cage”. I was dancing my ass off and conversing with my higher self saying “Cyndi, you have yet to SHINE” I almost went up to the booth to say that to ya until I realized , I just said it, you got the message!!!! 0 ; )” When I heard your voice in the NY Pride Parade tears rolled down my face when I saw you on the float. “That” was a moment I’ll never forget. You are a beautiful spirit. that I always keep in my heart.. Now, it really is your time to shine baby! I’m working on my own music career and would love to collaborate with you in the future! Who wouldn’t?!! You have been a big inspiration to me and I thank you for bringing me back to myself. Keep on rocking your stage shows girl! The rest of the world will “get it “sooner or later. Peace in the middle east and love from the heavens above, son e boy :).

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