by cyndilauper


Kim Davidson January 12, 2023 - 5:32 am

Hi! I’ve written a book about my partner’s journey with cancer, and subsequent death, and wish to quote the lyrics of True Colors within the text, as we were singing in to each other. Are you willing to give me permission to do this please?
Warm Regards,
Kim Davidson

Jerry Harris January 12, 2023 - 10:06 am

Hello! My name is Jerry. I am a 25-year military Vet, which was in Iraq in 2008. I have severe PTSD and suffer from many other issues right now. I survived the Marines when Cyndi was making her music. At that time, I didn’t like it, but now, when I hear her songs, I feel the love she puts into them. I sense a good spirit within her, and her smile goes a long way. When I am down, I listen to her voice! These battles, like many Veterans, go on and on, never stopping! It’s like the lion tamer taming the lion for me! I hope she comes to Colorado so I can see her, if I’m not having surgeries. I would love to just shake her hand to say thank you. My heart is broken, but I am slowly recovering. 🙂 I know this may not be seen by anyone, but can this get directed to her? With all my respect to her, keep singing! Time after TIme is always me!


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