I want here to thank everybody who helped me to create this site that I hope you enjoy. Indeed, this work wouldn’t have been possible without the help of people all around the world.
First, I want of course to thank Cyndi for her voice, her music and her ability not to take things too seriously. Of course, without her, this site would not have been created.

Then, a great thanks to Vania Carla for sending the news and articles.

Thanks also to Antonio Carlos without whom the site would not have survived.

Thanks to Sony Music who gave me the authorization to publish this site in 1997.

The other people who helped me thank you again. The collection of the info they sent me helped the site to be what it is now. I have done all my possible to thank everybody who helped me to create the site.

If you think that I forgot to write your name, mail me: I’ll add you. And if you want me to add your content, pictures or reviews, please e-mail me. If you send me additional information, please always let me know your full name in order me to add you in this list. If you found here your name in an incorrect spelling or without family name for example, first excuse me, then let me it know.

1. Vania Carla
2. Antonio
3. Jean Vazes Pierre
4. Jon Black
5. Jennifer Napere

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