Blue Angel (1980)


In 1980, Cyndi Lauper’s band “Blue Angel” released a self-titled album on Polydor Records. The album charted at #38 in Austria with the single I’m Gonna Be Strong. In 2003, Rolling Stone Magazine included it as one of the 100 best new wave album covers.

She’s So Unusual (1983)


On October 14, 1983 Cyndi Laupers solo debut, She’s So Unusual was released, and became a worldwide hit. With the help of Rick Chertoff, Eric Bazilian & Rob Hyman (of The Hooters) as her primary studio musicians, “She’s So Unusual”‘s popularity spread like wildfire. At the time, Lauper became very popular with teenagers and critics, in part due to her hybrid punk image.

True Colors (1986)


Cyndi Lauper released her second album True Colors on September 15, 1986. It reached number four on the Billboard 200. For this album, she increased her involvement both in production and songwriting. Guests on the album included Angela Clemons-Patrick, Nile Rodgers, Aimee Mann, Billy Joel,Adrian Belew, The Bangles, Ellie Greenwich, and Rick Derringer. Cyndi co-wrote most of the album with Essra Mohawk,John Turi, Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly.

Best Remixes (1989)


“The Best Remixes” was only released in Japan. It is a collection of remixes from her first two solo albums.

A Nigth to Remember (1989)


A Night to Remember, Cyndi Laupers third album, was released on May 23, 1989. Though critically well-received, it was not as big a commercial success as her previous albums. The album spawned only one big hit, “I Drove All Night”, originally penned for Roy Orbison, although his version was not released until 1992, three years after Lauper’s version and four years after his death. She also wrote and produced most of the album. Contributing writers were Desmond Child, Christina Amphlett of Divinyls, Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, Dianne Warren, and Frank Previte. Guest musicians include Bootsy Collins, Larry Blackmon, Batkini Khumalo, Eric Clapton,and Nile Rodgers.

Hat Full of Starts (1993)


In May of 1993, Cyndi Lauper released her critically acclaimed fourth album Hat Full of Stars. With a smooth new R&B sound, world music instrumentation, and production by Junior Vasquez, she tackled such topics as spousal abuse, racism and abortion. Despite the critical significant accolades, sales were poor, largely because the album suffered from a severe lack of promotion.

Twelve Deadly Cyns and Then Some (1995)


Cyndi Laupers Twelve Deadly Cyns…and Then Some, was released worldwide in 1994 (except in the U.S., where it was held back until the summer of 1995). The album was a greatest hits compilation that included two re-recorded tracks, “I’m Gonna be Strong”, first recorded with her band Blue Angel, and a reworking of her first big hit, newly christened “Hey Now (Girls Just Want To Have Fun).”

Sisters of Avalon (1997)


Cyndi Laupers fifth album, Sisters of Avalon (released in Japan in 1996 and everywhere else in 1997) brought her moderate success, but only sold 1 million copies worldwide. The album was quickly embraced by the gay community for its dance and club stylings. The topical themes of the album also contributed to its “pink” appeal. The album was written and produced with the help of Jan Pulsford (Cyndi’s keyboard player) and Producer Mark Saunders. Guest musicians include, “Bush” lead guitarist Nigel Pulsford on You Don’t Know and Love To Hate. The album was written and recorded in Tennessee and Connecticut and finished in an old mansion in Tuxedo Park, N.Y., where she lived and worked at that time.

Merry Christmas and Have a Nice Life (1998)


Cyndi Lauper released her last album for Epic in late 1998. “Merry Christmas, Have A Nice Life,” as the title implies, was a Christmas collection of original material and standards. It is a combination of folk-rock, cajun and celtic music. Her version of “Silent Night” was used in a Pampers commercial.

Shine EP (2002)


Lauper prepared her seventh album in 2001, Shine, which saw her returning to her early pop/rock sound. Just weeks before the album’s scheduled release on September 11, 2001, her label, Edel America Records, folded, and the tracks were leaked to the public.

At Last (2003)


In November 2003, an album of covers was released entitled At Last (formerly Naked City), which became a Top-40 hit in the U.S. and Australia. Cyndi was nominated in 2005 for a Grammy Award in the category of “Best Instrumental Composition Accompanying a Vocal.” The nomination was for her interpretation of the song Unchained Melody. At Last became Cyndi’s best selling album since “Twelve Deadly Cyns” It became her highest entry ever in the Billboard Top 40.

The Body Acoustic (2004)


Under a new contract with Sony Music, Cyndi Lauper released The Body Acoustic, an album that featured acoustic reinterpretations of tracks from her back catalog. Two new tracks were also written and recorded, one of which is Above the Clouds. Guests on the album included Shaggy, Ani DiFranco, Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday, Jeff Beck, Puffy AmiYumi, Sarah McLachlan,and Vivian Green.

Bring Ya To The Brink (2008)


Lauper recorded an album of all new material during 2007. The working title given to the project was Savoir-faire, but she announced at her Perth, Australia concert in February 2008 that the name of the album was Bring Ya to the Brink and that it would be released in the Spring. Lauper visited England and France during summer 2007 to write for the album and wrote songs with dance artists Basement Jaxx, Digital Dog, Dragonette, Kleerup and others. She described it as a mainly dance album with good rhythm. The first single released in Japan was “Set Your Heart”.

Memphis Blues (2010)

Memphis Blues is the tenth studio album by American singer Cyndi Lauper. Regarded as a continuation of her 2008 comeback the album was a nominee for the Grammy Awards 2010 and was released on June 22, 2010. According to the Brazilian daily newspaper O Globo, the album had sold 600,000 copies worldwide by November 2010.Memphis Blues was voted the 7th best album of 2010 by the New York Post. It went on to become Bilboard’s biggest selling blues album of 2010. To support the album, Cyndi made her biggest tour ever. Memphis Blues Tour had more than 140 shows, covering every continent of the world.

Detour (2016)