Concert Review Cyndi Lauper

With her multimedia comeback firmly in place, Cyndi Lauper has successfully reinvented herself both as a performer and a personality. In the intimate confines of the Ford Theatre, Lauper reintroduced herself to her L.A. faithful, who were out in force to hear what the songbird has been up to since she last recorded three years… Continue reading Concert Review Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper, Comeback Kid

CYNDI LAUPER has grown up. Once in danger of becoming the ’80s answer to Betty Boop, New York’s multi-platinum sweetheart has returned from the wilderness with an album guaranteed to surprise. More than a comeback, “Hat Full of Stars” (Epic) is easily her best effort, a smart, passionate work that adds a new toughness to… Continue reading Cyndi Lauper, Comeback Kid


Murder, kidnapping, and a car crash bring together a theme-park mermaid/aspiring actress (Cyndi Lauper), a would-be golf pro (David Keith), and a streetwise kid (Johnny Pinto) who are making their way from Florida to Manhattan. The actors were not exactly prepared for their roles. To do her underwater mermaid scenes, Lauper had to learn to… Continue reading OFF AND RUNNING

Cyndi Lauper Weds, Has Fun

Nobody ever accused Cyndi Lauper of doing things the traditional way – yet most girls who just want to have fun, also just want things to be beautiful when they get married. And at 3 o’clock yesterday at the 205-year-old Friends Meeting House at 15th St. and Rutherford Place on Stuyvesant Square, singer Lauper, 38,… Continue reading Cyndi Lauper Weds, Has Fun

Is This Really Cyndi? Just Listen

Make just a few, slight changes–oh, add a Laura Ashley dress, tone down the lipstick–and Cyndi Lauper could walk unnoticed through the sedate hallways of Hartford’s insurance giants. The new-look Lauper–the short, straight cut of her auburn hair, a loose-fitting black outfit–was a sight to behold as she frenetically danced near an old poster of… Continue reading Is This Really Cyndi? Just Listen

Cyndi Lauper

She may sing like an animated puppet, and wear all her outrageous wardrobe at once, but Cyndi Lauper’s loyal fans wouldn’t have her any other way. And that, as she tells Fiona Cumberpatch, is just as well… For someone who claims she doesn’t think she’s very attractive, pop singer Cyndi Lauper is doing a great… Continue reading Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper in Caracas

It was a polemic event. There were lots of national and international reporters, they were all impatient about Cyndi´s arrival because she arrived to the Intercontinental Hotel almost 2 hours later; the press coference took place in this hotel, although she stayed at Eurobuilding. There were some problems about the translation, it was not so… Continue reading Cyndi Lauper in Caracas

Lauper Shakes Her Bad Vibes

Singer sets return with ‘A Night to Remember’ A NOT-SO-FUNNY THING Happened to Cyndi Lauper on the way to completing her new album, A Night to Remember: She made a movie. It was called Vibes, and it was a real clinker. Perhaps most damaging to Lauper’s career as a singer, though, was the single she… Continue reading Lauper Shakes Her Bad Vibes

Cyndi Lauper Tries to Buy Success: No Sale

Can it really be nearly six years since Cyndi Lauper erupted with her debut album, “She’s So Unusual”? That album presented an artist with unlimited promise. She was a virtuosic singer with a vivid, irrepressible personality. A songwriter of no small merit (she co-authored the soon-to-be-standard “Time After Time”), Lauper was also a shrewd judge of… Continue reading Cyndi Lauper Tries to Buy Success: No Sale