CYNDI LAUPER – “Who is Madonna?”

by cyndilauper

Unquiet, graceful, ironical and, for moments, severe like a executive secretary, showed HERself the godness of POP in HER recent visit in Chile. CYNDI LAUPER is a combination of all this and much more. With HER voice of an animated cartoon, was much clear that about rock, CYNDI has much to down. The creator of songs like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” or “True Colors” said that for a woman, was really difficult to be someone in this maler world of rock. What SHE did to enter in equality of conditions was create HER own band and work alone. Was tired of pull down HER head before the men’s decision.

Of Chile, said that remember of the sky and the ground, because in the dark time, was the only thing that SHE remember of HER first visit, and SHE knows that Chile is full of people who like very much of HER. Said that is a mutual feeling.

CYNDI is very thin, wear shoes with high heels with trousers that make to see till more HER legs. HER hair can be seen of meters of distance, per the color “canary-yellow”, ordered in “ones” that aren’t tresses. Tell that was original since HER birth, in Brooklyn, New York. Since SHE was a little child, SHE paint, writes poesy and sing. At twelve years old, already composed and played guitar in folk style. Being out of the college, created the band Blue Angel, and with them, recorded a disc in 1980 that included the songs “Maybe He’ll Know” that SHE put lately in HER album “True Colors”.

The big debut of CYNDI LAUPER was in 1984 with “She’s So Unusual”, that sold more than 15 millions of copies in all the world. The sucess followed in ’86 with “True Colors” and after the recess, in 1990 continued with “A Night To Remember”. In our country, came to present HER new disc “Twelve Deadly Cyns”…and then some, that has 16 songs, that between them, surpass “Hey Now” that is a new version of the classic “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. And CYNDI says that follow being a girl that just want to have fun and to fun HER fans.

I am my rival
Very much transgressor is you CYNDI… How do you combine this condition with the much established of your marriage? With love. My husband loves me, for this that he don’t be afraid when he wake each day with a different woman… is to say, that’s me, what happen is that frequently wear my hair and my “look” without the shorter advice. That’s why I like my husband… everything in me, he likes. Well, that’s what he said me always.

I’m not so transgressor. I like to have the things in their place. All the things. For example a song, a combination of good themes in a show, a good actor in a movie… a husband that is a good lover… all these things.

Why do you use this hairdressing ?
Did I ask to you when did you cut your hair the last time or when did you decide that your hairdressing that you use fall good in you ?… no ? So, why do you ask to me ? I have my reason for comb me this way…

Which are ?
My love for the painting. Since I was a little child, I have a big love for the plastic, before I paint, soon I did photography, for all that has a combination of colors, of textures, of materials of various types in the same work, touch me. I had wanted to be a painter, paint when I have time, for this I don’t paint very much.

Is that true that Madonna is your big rival ?
Who is Madonna ? Didn’t come with me. No, in reality she isn’t my rival neither my friend. Isn’t nothing. Don’t interest me to talk about her. The only rival that I have is myself., overall when I don’t get a good recording as I want or if I lost the lights in one of my shows… In reality can’t exist a rival of mine bigger than myself.

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