Vibes Movie, tries too hard, Lauper Deserve a Better Film

there were an Academy Award for Most Instantly Forgettable Film, the odds-on early favorite would be “Vibes.” This comedy, which tries so hard to be wacky you almost can hear huffing and puffing on the soundtrack, isn’t offensive or moronic or devoid of laughs. It’s just thoroughly unexceptional. The story is about two psychics, played… Continue reading Vibes Movie, tries too hard, Lauper Deserve a Better Film

Cyndi Lauper at the Crossroads

HERE SHE WAS IN 1984, A BLUE-LIPPED, ORANGE-HAIRED, golden-voiced, self-proclaimed misfit whose odes to fun, loyalty, and masturbation elevated her to instant international glitterati status and turned her into the world’s most incongruous feminist heroine. Who else would have come up with that image but the inimitable Cyndi Lauper? And who else would have thought… Continue reading Cyndi Lauper at the Crossroads

Cyndi Lauper – She bops back

She’s always been unusual, and now she’s unusually late. Cyndi Lauper’s second solo LP has been along time coming – over two years. Chalk it up to her deciding to reveal her True Colors instead of camouflaging herself under the bohemian Raggedy Ann persona she displayed on She’s So Unusual. And to a couple of… Continue reading Cyndi Lauper – She bops back

Laupers Talent Shines Through

“Ha-wa-ya?” Cyndi Lauper screamed. Roughly translated, that was Lauper’s way of asking “how are you” in her Minnie Mouse, bronx whine. Dressed down and up in red stockings, a black net skirt and a black halter, with shining gold locks cascading down her back, Lauper was the visual equivalent of her accent. And as she… Continue reading Laupers Talent Shines Through

Lauper Shows Her True Colors

CYNDI LAUPER, EDDIE MONEY. The WNEW-FM Christmas Concert, Friday night at Madison Square Garden. Deck the halls with paper dresses, orange hair and Queens charisma. CYNDI LAUPER, TO ME, is at least one version of the feminine (and feminist) ideal: self-possessed and self-confident, girlish and womanly, funny, smart, vulnerable and supremely independent. And that’s all… Continue reading Lauper Shows Her True Colors

These Big Girls Don`t Cry

Wait, wait, wait! Don’t go away yet. “I think,” laughs Cyndi Lauper, “we all need a break from me.” Cyndi Lauper’s She’s So Unusual, for anyone without access to electric entertainment of any form, has become the first debut album in history to rack up four top five singles. Name those tunes and, very likely,… Continue reading These Big Girls Don`t Cry

Rock Singer Cyndi Lauper

Her Father walked out when she was 5 years old. Her mother remarried, divorced again and went to work as a waitress to support the three kids, she was expelled from Catholic school, dropped out of high school and left home “with a brown paper bag” when she was 17. “I was such a failure”,… Continue reading Rock Singer Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper: Dress to Excess

So I’ll tell you a great quote from my genius friend, Patrick (otherwise known as Pat, Pat): “I see every face as a canvas of vitality and force. I only add the color and emphasize the existing expression !” I think that is the best explanation for technique. Well, that is, except when society starts… Continue reading Cyndi Lauper: Dress to Excess