Cyndi Lauper: Dress to Excess

by cyndilauper

So I’ll tell you a great quote from my genius friend, Patrick (otherwise known as Pat, Pat): “I see every face as a canvas of vitality and force. I only add the color and emphasize the existing expression !” I think that is the best explanation for technique. Well, that is, except when society starts making you crazy about facial lines. Then I think you should draw a few in unlikely places for that element of surprise. In the world of fashion, like everything else, the nevers eventually become the musts.

To the right we see black and white in living color – a style every fashion victim like myself hungers for. Notice the glove and eye makeup/lipstick sharing the same color combo, but not the pattern. This is to show what could match perfectly and still irritate anyone of the more subtle sect. And talking about subtle, ya know that expression, “Too much is never enough” ? Well believe it, ‘cause its true !! If you feel like putting on all the jewelry you own, go right ahead. It could prove to be one of the most exciting things you’ve ever done. But always use a good blend of mix and match – a bit of the hard, a bit of the soft – to balance your personality.

Oh, yeah. Did you ever see Those commercials, “My hair, what will I do with it?” Well, take a good look in the mirror. Try it up, wear it down, tease it, flatten it, change the color. What have you always wanted to try ? Do you want it long or short ? Try it ! The great thing about hair is that it always grows back !

Right, we see a men’s black sports hat made of cotton like material with a more dressy men’s hatband added on. Hats are always a nice touch, but if you don’t always enjoy them, don’t bother. As for the little face, well, that’s fancy. You can any creative touch: a flower, heart, Hollywood smile. Oh, yeah, the Band-aid – that’s the human touch. After all what outfit is complete without a Band-aid ?

Legwear, footwear … hey, what goes on the bottom? Well, as far as I am concerned, my feet are too long for my size and my ankles are too narrow. But that never stopped me from being creative on them. First of all, I like to paint my toenails – its more inspiring. Try powder blue, mother-of-pearl green, shimmering gold or silver. This is an immediate up, no matter what shoe size. After all love your feet – they’re such a help getting around .. And standing up, ya know ?

Next, what kind of stockings ? What do you find exciting? What ever you love the most, put them on !! You may have those Moo-Moos, girls ! Great for casual to semiformal dinner parties, a luau, lounging in the evening or standing at your open window at sunrise, being inspired for the day. Which brings me to the close of my letter.

Since it is sunrise, I will kiss the morning breeze and retire until noon. After all, I need my beauty rest. Rest is important for that lovely complexion. But don’t worry too much if it isn’t clear – neither is mine, and were not androids, you know. Oh well, ‘till next time – ta-ta.

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