Cyndi Lauper feeling like December Child

by cyndilauper

LOS ANGELES (CNN) — Although Cyndi Lauper officially began to work on her new holiday disc over the last year, it’s actually been a lifetime in the making. “Merry Christmas, Have a Nice Life” is filled with glimpses of Lauper’s life, including her warmth, her passion, and of course, her sense of humor.

Also, Lauper’s baby son, who’s 1 year old, made his singing debut on the album.

“He gurgles,” says Lauper. “And there’s children on it, you know, there’s other children singing, but he gurgled in key, so I thought this was good.

“My husband said if he has my temperament and his voice, we’re in trouble. But if he has my husband’s temperament and my voice, OK.”

On CNN’s Showbiz Today, Lauper performed “December Child,” a song that has special meaning to her.

“My partner and I, we were talking about Christmas. And it’s a holiday of the heart, and you know, like we listened to ‘Silent Night’ and ‘In the Bleak Midwinter,’ and that to me was like a lullaby,” says Lauper. “And after all, this holiday’s about a baby. So I wanted to put a human face on this, and I said, ‘Well, what would you say if you were singing to your baby, telling your baby about Christmas? What would you say?’ And so I came up with this song.”

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