Cyndi Lauper Xmas Album

by cyndilauper

Plenty of albums claim to offer a diverse cross-section of genres. Cyndi Lauper’s holiday album, however, really does embrace the musical spectrum, incorporating elements of pop, zydeco, even a splash of Caribbean, and somehow still manages to be a fairly charming and cohesive album.

One thing is clear: When Lauper says Have a Nice Life, she means it—despite the sugary sweet, marzipan coating, this is a heartfelt, sincere project. Next to the tender songs (“Home on Christmas Day” and the lullaby “New Year’s Baby”), there’s substantial evidence that this girl still wants to have fun, especially toward the end of the year.

After all, who else would do the “Christmas Conga” while “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree?” Highlight pick: “Minnie and Santa,” a slightly racy tale of a woman’s everlasting belief in Saint Nick.

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