Cyndi Lauper: Where Are Thye Now

by cyndilauper

And in the WHERE ARE THEY NOW section, there was as well a mention of Cyndi:


Cyndi was the girl with the broken-chalk-on-blackboard voice, the kooky clothes, and the posse made up of wrestling managers. Then Madonna came along with the same account at the jumble store and stole her thunder. As idiosyncratic female icons go, Lauper is one of the best, especially with femme power anthems like “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and “She Bop”. But where is she now? Is she…

a) Advertising MacDonald’s in Japan?
b) Winning an Emmy?
c) Driving a bus?


With that strange pony-tail crew-cut Lauper was certainly unusual, until she opened her mouth. A cross between Barbra Streisand and Betty Boop, she could go from making you throw your hands in the air to chilling the listener to the very depths of their soul with the awesome ‘Time After Time’. Song for song, including a Prince cover, this is one of the ’80s great pop albums.

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