Disco Inferno New Face

by cyndilauper

In 1977 disco is hot everywhere you go, and everytime you step out on the dance floor, one song rings as the anthem, “Disco Inferno” by the Tramps.

Twenty-two years later, progressive house or techno is the hottest craze.

Dance remixes of radio edits are where the money is at and artist?s flock to find a chart climbing oldie to get their hands on. Most remixes of classics lack the original energy or even style that made it so popular. But occasionally a gem comes along that relives the very reason it was created so many years ago.

Cyndi Lauper just released a dance remix of The Tramps classic “Disco Inferno.” She has come a long way since “True Colors” and proves it with this Billboard Dance Single listing tracking at number 9, beating Donna Summer’s dance track.

This certainly by no means is Cyndi’s first dance remix chart topper but it certainly could be the one that springs her back into popularity. This year Cyndi tours as a special guest with Cher and energizes the audience with her new dance hit. It savors all the original style from the Tramps but adds Cyndi’s spice that she is so well known for. The soundtrack remix is done by Soul Solution again and can be found on Jellybean Records (yes Madonna’s ex-boytoy Jellybean Benitez.) This version keeps all the same lyrics but Cyndi notarizes it with her well-known shrill yell that only she can do. At first listen, one will realize that it is tastefully redone but again not a dance floor anthem.

Hopefully the DJ’s will be smart enough to go beyond the surface and listen to the other remixes such as the Boris & Beck Roxy Edit Dub. This version lacks all but two sentences from the lyrics and has a bass driven beat that will have any club goes dancing on tables. No one artist has been able to be throned as the king or queen of dance releases but the remixes of Disco Inferno sure gives Cyndi Lauper more than her fair share of votes.

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